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InterActive QRIS Service Limitations

One QR Code for all Payments

InterActive QRIS Only Serves QRIS Merchant Complaints with NNS 93600898

InterActive QRIS will quickly respond to QRIS merchant complaints NNS 93600898 which can be seen from the QRIS design. The following is an example of a QRIS that will be served from InterActive QRIS if there is a problem:

QRIS Old Display

QRIS New Display

NNS Code from QRIS Provider

Before you make a QRIS complaint on the QRIS website, make sure the QRIS used is NNS 93600898. Here are the NNS from the QRIS provider:

1 93600898 InterActive QRIS
2 93600911 Link Aja
3 93600912 OVO
4 93600914 GOPAY
5 93600918 SHOPEE
7 93600818 PAYDIA
8 93600013 Bank Permata
9 93600014 BCA
10 93600022 CIMB Niaga
11 93600451 Mandiri Syariah
12 93600503 NOBU Bank
QRIS Service Center Apart from InterActive QRIS

The QRIS Service Center makes it easy for you to get a solution to the problem you are experiencing. The following are QRIS Service Centers apart from InterActive QRIS:

See more at www.bi.go.id/PJSPQRIS/default.aspx

Bank Operator
Non-Bank QRIS Operator
Service Center InterActive QRIS Ready to Help

The advantage of QRIS from InterActive QRIS is that it will quickly help if there are problems with QRIS registration, transactions or QRIS settlement.

Daftar QRIS mendaptkan cashback 10000
Service Center Fast Response

The InterActive QRIS Service Center makes it easy for you to get solutions to problems you experience regarding QRIS registration, transactions or settlements for QRIS from InterActive QRIS.

  • Quick to help if there are QRIS merchants that have problems
  • Service Center Fast Response
  • Provide solutions to QRIS problems
  • If there is a problem, please contact InterActive QRIS with No. WhatsApp 0819- 7713-2323
  • Working hours 09.00 to 17.00 outside weekends and national holidays or public holidays
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