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How to Check QRIS Incoming Funds Via Mobile App

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Step by step process Check QRIS Transaction

QRIS.id has 2 Ways to Check transactions from the InterActive MyProfit Application and QRIS dashboard for you to check incoming transactions from QRIS to check settlement to your account registered during QRIS registration. The following are the advantages of Checking QRIS Transactions via InterActive MyProfit:

proses daftar QRIS
Get QRIS Transaction Notification

After successful registration, QRIS automatically gets a QRIS account, and this account can be used to log in to the InterActive MyProfit Application which can be downloaded here. By installing the InterActive MyProfit Application, you will always get notification of incoming transactions from QRIS.id on your Android phone.

  • Able to quickly find out incoming transactions without logging in to the QRIS.id dashboard
  • Notification of incoming transactions can be obtained from the InterActive MyProfit Application
  • After successfully registering QRIS.id your account can automatically login to the InterActive MyProfit Application
Daftar QRIS mendaptkan cashback 10000
InterActive MyProfit

InterActive MyProfit is a full-featured cash register software that integrates QRIS.id. The QRIS.id account can be used to login to the InterActive MyProfit Application.

  • After successful registration you will get an QRIS.id username and password which can also be used for InterActive MyProfit
  • The InterActive MyProfit application is not only for getting QRIS transaction notifications but you can use it to run your business
  • For more information about InterActive MyProfit, please visit www.interactive.co.id/myprofit
Register now to become a QRIS merchant and join 15,7 Juta other businesses and download InterActive MyProfit to get realtime QRIS transaction notifications.
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