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Stages of the Process that the Merchant goes through

One QR Code for all Payments

Step by step process Get QRIS

QRIS is a payment method for all E-Wallets and to get QRIS you must go through the correct step by step so that data is received and can get QRIS and is ready to use

proses daftar QRIS
1. Visit Website & Register

The first step to getting QRIS is by accessing the website www.qris.online and understanding the information provided and registering on the QRIS registration.

  • Access the website www.qris.online
  • After getting information about QRIS, click the register QRIS button or access www.qris.online/register
  • Choose the type of business according to your field and fill out the form
Daftar QRIS mendaptkan cashback 10000
2. QRIS Payment

After completing filling out the form, you will be directed to make a QRIS payment using your favorite E-Wallet (GoPay, OVO, Dana, LinkAja, ShopeePay etc.).

  • Make Payments using E-Wallet (GoPay, OVO, Dana, LinkAja, ShopeePay etc.)
  • If you have filled out the form but have not made a payment, the registration will be pending a maximum of 14 days before the data is reset
Daftar QRIS mendaptkan cashback 10000
3. Get Registration Notifications

If you have made a payment then you will get a username and password to login on the Dashboard page which will be sent via email and WhatsApp which is entered in the registration form.

  • Get a username and password via email as well as WhatsApp which is entered in the registration form
  • login on the dashboard page to complete administrative physical documents by uploading data independently
Daftar QRIS mendaptkan cashback 10000
4. Upload Document Files

After entering the QRIS Dashboard page, you will be directed to upload the administrative completeness file before the submission is processed.

  • The data is immediately completed and uploaded correctly, then the application will be processed to get the NMID starting from the time the data is received completely
  • If the uploaded data has problems, within 1x24 hours it will be notified again to be corrected via email and WhatsApp
Daftar QRIS mendaptkan cashback 10000
5. Get Notification of File Completeness Results

Within a maximum of 7 working days, you will receive a notification via email and WhatsApp, whether the data submitted is correct, complete or something is missing.

  • If there is incorrect data, then the submission process must be revised or completed
  • If the documents and requirements are complete, then the customer can directly print the QRIS independently
  • Using the QRIS Dashboard as monitoring of incoming money transactions at QRIS
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